What's the advantage of natural gas compressor

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  Globally, CNG has risen to the top as an abundant, clean, and safe alternative fuel.
  Fleet operators and vehicle maintenance professionals, however, are realizing that not all cng systems are created equal, and the cleanest CNG technologies can save them money by minimizing oil contamination.
  Since 2000, TOP has distinguished itself as a pioneer in mainland,in gas compressor technology by using advanced materials and techniques to produce the most effective oil-less lubricated natural gas gathering compressor package and fuelling systems.TOP CNG systems – and the vehicles they fuel – gain the advantages of reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as minimal environmental impact from oil contamination.
  Many gas compressors are lubricated by oil injection into the cylinder group resulting in 100 parts per million (ppm) oil contamination in the CNG, or higher.This vaporized oil largely passes through even the finest filters and fully separates from the CNG when it has cooled, which happens in the cylinders of the station or the vehicle.This results in reduced storage capacity and potential damage to the vehicle's most sensitive components. In the compressor itself, oil contamination reduces the effectiveness of heat exchangers, increasing operating temperatures and reducing component life.
  To build reliable, non-lubricated compressors, uses longer piston strokes, lower rotational speeds,and lower compression ratios. Close attention is paidto tolerances, surface finishes, and special processesin the making of compressor cylinders, resulting in ring life of 6,000 ~ 8,000 hours or more.

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