the necessary information for a CNG station

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There are some key pieces of information needed to properly size an NGV refueling station. As with any project, the more information you have; the more accurate an estimate can be given.
Following is a list of questions that will help us size a NGV refueling station to meet your needs:
1. Determine what type of vehicles will be refueled. Light duty vehicles? Forklifts? School Buses? Municipal Vehicles?
2. How many vehicles will be refueling at this site?
3. Determine the amount of gasoline each vehicle requires.
4. What time frame will the vehicles refuel in?
5. Determine if the vehicles need to be fast filled or if they can be time filled.
6. Will the amount of CNG transferred into each vehicle be accounted for?
7. Will the station be used for a private fleet or for public refueling?
8. Will the station demand grow in the future and, if so, by how much?
9. What utilities are available at the location that you wish to install your station?
10. At what pressure will your vehicles operate?
Once you have gathered all of the above information, you can know the cost of a station.

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